The Forensic Linguistics Society

Forensic Linguistics Society

The Forensic Linguistics Society is a new, learned society which has been formed to promote an awareness in the criminal justice system and among the wider public of the nature of linguistic, phonetic and acoustic evidence in criminal and civil proceedings.

Society Board

President: Professor David Crystal

Advisory Board of the Society for Linguistic and Phonetic Evidence

Vice President: Dr Robert Gittins
School of Computer Science, Bangor University

US Judicial Advisor: Hon. R Ruehlman
Cincinatti Superior Court Judge, Cincinatti, Ohio

US Attorney Advisor: Fazeel Khan
Attorney at Law, Blaugrund, Herbert & Martin, Columbus, Ohio

UK Solicitor Advocate Advisor: John Carroll
Solicitor Advocate, Glasgow, Scotland

Security Advisor: Tom McQuillen
Australian Forensic Services (

Chair: John Olsson
Vice Chair: Dr June Luchjenbroers, School of Linguistics, Bangor University
Forensic Transcription Services: Simon Beard
Forensic Videographic Advisor: Richard Taylor

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