The Forensic Linguistics Society

Society Chair

John Olsson, Director of the Forensic Linguistics Institute

Adjunct Professor, Nebraska Wesleyan University Forensic Science Program

Visiting Professor, Novi Pazar University

John Olsson has been working in the court system for over 30 years, first as an interpreter for the London Metropolitan Police in the 1970's and, since 1994, as a forensic linguist. He holds postgraduate degrees from the University of Wales at Bangor, and the University of Birmingham. He has published widely in this field. He has completed reports for prosecution and defence in over 200 cases in the United Kingdom and given evidence in court many times, in Crown Courts, the Central Criminal Court, the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal, in magistrates', county and coroners' courts, as well as at industrial tribunals and staff tribunals. He has also given evidence in other countries, including Australia and Canada.

John Olsson

He is on the UK NPIA register of experts and has worked for a number of international agencies. He has also had many private clients. More information, including on consultancy and training at the Forensic Linguistics Institute website [external link]. You can write to him in French, Dutch, German, Swedish, Afrikaans, Welsh or Chinese (pin yin).

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